SCOR Raises over £1500

After the tragic loss of Ray Kempster and the near miss of Shane and Will (Car 77) – the Club decided to increase the safety precautions currently in place. The Club has always put safety as the first priority in any event it runs and continues to look for ways to strengthen and improve those safeguards.

Hawk Rescue, run by Eric and Jean Little, cover SCOR events with an MSA registered Rapid Response vehicle. Despite the regulations not requiring medical cover at this level – SCOR will not run an event without their presence. Our membership: competitors, passengers, pit crews, Marshals, Officials and anyone on site deserve this level of safety cover. It is all too easy to be complacent and think that roll cages and crash helmets are all you need to keep you free from harm.

At the second safari of the season, a minutes silence was observed in memory of Ray. We then had a collection tin out for the day. At the end of the event – the tin held an astonishing £610. The Club had promised to match anything raised – so that meant £1220 in one hit.

Hawk Rescue had asked for a donation towards an inflatable stretcher that provides maximum protection during transport, by road or helicopter and a basket stretcher that can be used in more challenging and inaccessible terrain. They were a bit taken aback to be given £770 to cover the full purchase price of both items.

This left a balance in the kitty of £450 – which would go to the Air Ambulance.

In SCOR we never do things by halves – so at the next event another £100 got dropped in the tin. With the Clubs donation that added £200 to the total.

At the May event – another £76 arrived – swiftly matched and converted to £144.

To date – June 2010:

£770 HAWK Rescue
£802 The Air Ambulance

This is amazing and the Club would like to thank the incredibly generosity of its membership and followers. You should be very proud of yourselves – you have a done a very good thing.

We will continue to keep the tin out at the remaining Safari rounds for this year.

Thank you