New 2011 regs for Competition Safari vehicles - spill kits

2011 regulations require all Competition Safari vehicles to carry a Small Spill Kit that complies with the Motorsport Association (MSA) requirements of regulation J 5.20.13 for Small Spill Kits (Competition Vehicle Kit).

It would appear that not all safari drivers are aware that they need to purchase/obtain a small spill kit for the 2011 season.

Your vehicle will not pass scrutineering if it does not contain one. You will not be racing....

Kits are available from numerous sources.

SCOR wants to promote the sport and realises that there are many demands in the life of a busy Safari Driver. Therefore the club has purchased 30 kits (at a discount for bulk purchase).

They will be available from the ‘Acting Safari Comp Sec’

In order to pre-order your kit - £7- Please email or phone Jane – details in the Club magazine.

If you do not have a magazine to hand, please use the contact form on the website to get in touch.