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Important Information

Motorsport can only operate if we continue to follow the relevant guidance. This can be found at

Social Distancing
We encourage everyone to follow the Motorsport UK and applicable government guidelines. Whether you are a volunteer, competitor or team member, please be advised that you must maintain a distance of 2 metres. If 2 metres cannot be achieved, a face mask must be worn, even if operating outside.

Please respect the officials enforcing the guidance – they are simply maintaining a safe environment for all.
COVID-19 Poster: Maintain a safe distance

‘Thumbs-Up’ Signal
A reminder to all competitors that if you are ‘ok’ following an incident, please give the ‘thumbs-up’ signal when approached by a marshal.
COVID-19 Poster: Thumbs Up to Marshals

Non-essential Personnel
Please do not invite any non-essential personnel to events.

If you are running a team, we recommend you bring a supply of PPE and sanitising products for your personnel. Please wash your hands regularly or use hand sanitiser and clean common touch points regularly.

Signing-on Declarations for Pre-event Scrutineering
It is important to ensure that the Chief Scrutineer has sight of the pre-event declarations in good time before the event to enable them to review a percentage of the forms and plan any spot checks that may be required throughout the day.

Remember that competitors should not be required to assemble in a single location with their vehicles for scrutineering, but spot checks can be undertaken at any time during the event, including in the assembly area. Any issues found in these spot checks will need to be rectified before the vehicle continues in the event.
Dear SCOR members
Thank you to everybody who has submitted a response to the survey about re-starting activity, both trials and safaris. The Committee are delighted to see how many responses referred directly to the family friendly nature of the club at all events. Having read all the comments and considered all the views, as well as considering the current Government Covid-19 guidelines, alongside the recommendations of MUK, the Committee has reached a decision.
Trials will re-commence on 5th July at Butchers Wood. Further information will follow about the processes you will need to follow if you would like to attend that event.
Safaris will not re-commence in July - when considering the number of competitors, added to the number of officials that would need to be onsite, as well as the strong opinions expressed about bringing family and friends along as pit-crew, support, spanner operatives and general hecklers, the safari team feel that any event would not be a representation of the SCOR events you know and love. Given the issues with many members taking part in harvest in August, the team will aim to re-commence safari activity in early September.
We hope that you understand and support these decisions. If you have any further feedback, please do contact any committee member and express your views - they are all valuable.
Further information about events will be posted on the website and facebook pages - keep your eyes open for the updates.
Best wishes
Brain Spittle (Chairman).
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