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Offering some of the best competitive off road events in the south. SCOR truly welcome all.

SCOR hold a whole host of Comp Safaris all across the south on varying sites that will test both man and machine, but leave them coming back for more. Such is the attraction of 'just that little bit faster'. So if you fancy yourself as the next big name in off road racing, or just want a challenge like no other then come along and see what SCOR have to offer.

SCOR Trialing has only a handful of rules that can be explained in about 5 minutes but hide such subtlety that it draws competitors back time and time again. We've also heard trialing called "the art of counting backwards while driving" and that pretty much sums it up while keeping with the 'handful of rules' idea.


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Membership enables you to sign on as a competitor or passenger and be able to vote at the Annual General Meeting of the club.


About SCOR

The Club started out when a group of people decided they wanted to have some fun in the mud! Since then it has steadily grown into a busy and competitive group of people - determined to get the most from their 4x4s. Staging, o­n average, around 20 events per year in and around the southern counties.


Our Member Comments

Tony Harper & Wayne Day

On behalf of all the drivers we would like to thank everyone involved with setting up and running the safari at Rowlands Castle. It was a truly superb event, and thoroughly enjoyed by all taking part.

Debby Darby

Just want to say THANK YOU to all the officials who persisted on Sunday to provide the drivers with a great safari. When the weather takes you by surprise things always get a bit tricky, but what a great event and a good compromise to get rid of the hills and get an extra couple of laps in. Thanks again.

Tony & Wayne

Can you thank yourself / mike and all the others for last sunday I could see mike was a bit concerned about someone having a accident as it was so dry and its pretty fast but as always the event was set up and run superbly.. WELL DONE everybody.

Mike Froud

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the folks at SCOR who put together the Ebble Valley Randonnee,there was clearly a lot of work put into the event. It was an awesome weekend and both my navigator and I had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Pete and I won the last place trophy this year but we'll be back.

Rhino Ray

As 2008 draws to a close I can honestly say it's been a good one, lots of new friends in a brilliant club. What more could an old fool like me ever want?

Martin Stapleton

Thanks for a really good safari at Tidworth, it was a great event. Thank everyone for all the hard work, we all had a great time.